Where do you get your audience?

  • We are the end result of the merging of a data services company and demand generation company. Throughout the years we have been providing data to Fortune 500 companies around the globe. If you want to read more about it, check out our data story.

How do you get new subscribers?

  • We use relevant and timely content offer publications to help attract new B2B professionals to our audience. Siren is used to find lookalike personas that are then contacted for consent. Once consent is received, new subscribers are on-boarded into our different publications and offer sends.

What does siren actually do?

  • Siren lives and learns in our audience. She keeps our data clean and tidy by tracking intent and interaction with our bulletins and partners digital content. Siren tracks audience engagement and organizes our B2B professionals to hone in on precise intent signals and trends. In addition, Siren tracks inactive subscribers and tags them for a manual follow up by our team. We reach out and confirm that they still want to receive our publications and confirm their business contact info.

How do you generate leads?

  • We generate leads by utilizing a variety of digital publications and tracking subscriber engagement. Subscribers that engage with our clients content are then double verified against that programs target persona. If the verified information matches the target persona, that subscriber becomes a lead.

Are you GDPR/CASL compliant?

  • Of course, we are. We're in the digital marketing space. GDPR is no Joke and we take it seriously! We obtain and record verbal consent for every subscriber within our audience. We only use 1st party data to ensure the highest quality and compliance. Read our GDPR statement for more info.

Who do you work with?

  • We work with companies trying to reach B2B decision makers. We're all about building quality relationships, so even if we are not a good fit, we will still donate $5 for the meeting.

How do you do pricing?

  • Pricing is campaign specific, however, are we are always free to discuss campaign costs with you. In general, the more open the qualifiers, the cheaper it is; the higher the qualifiers, the more it will cost. Overall, our pricing is extremely competitive.

Why demand dogs?

  • We want to change the Demand Generation and Digital Marketing industries by giving back with every campaign.

  •  Working with us gives you the best of both worlds. An unprecedented database from a data services company, combined with the skills, abilities, and knowledge of a seasoned demand generation business.

  •  We have over 28.5 million B2B professionals' data at our fingertips, Siren AI, and more than 30 years in the industry.

  •  As veterans in sales and marketing, we have a deep understanding of your unique challenges.

Do you actually donate to dogs? How?

  • We do! We add $5 for every new intro meeting to our "Animal Shelter of the Month" pool.  At the end of every month, we choose a client suggested shelter at random  and donate the entire months to that pool.  In addition, with each Campaign we run, we donate a minimum of $50 to the Animal Shelter of our clients choice.

Is it required to have a dog to work there?

  • We'd like to say so, but it's definitely not required. For those of us that do have dogs, we hope that supplements for those who don’t. I guess you can say we like cats and other animals too but Demand Cats didn't quite roll off the tongue. If you have interest in joining the team click here to be directed to our careers page.